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We charge £130/hour with discounts available for longer term/larger assignments.

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Digital strategy

Architecting, implementing and fine tuning digital eco-systems for sustainable business growth. Leading and/or building motivated, agile teams.  Working with stakeholders from across the business in delivering the strategic vision of the founders/board. Tracking performance ,budgetary control and management reporting.  

strategic review 

An independent, objective review of your current strategy, reviewing your technology, team, customer experience and competitive landscape with ideation of opportunities for road-map improvement. 


We can help if your project is not going in the desired direction, is taking too long or the team are not delivering. Deploying a pragmatic, results led, agile approach to refocus the team and achieve rapid results,  followed by post turnaround rapid iteration to gain strategic momentum. 

platform integrations 

Building a digital eco-system may require multi-platform integration, possibly including legacy systems. Architecting, guiding and delivering the integration layer without having to replace multiple platforms takes technical skill and strategic vision..

SAAS Digital Sales strategy

An efficient online sales engine is fundamental to SaaS success but platforms need to reach beyond passive online presentation to convert potential customers; via phone, face-to-face, webinars, exhibitions, trade shows, meet-ups etc. We can help by developing the sales strategy, building/mentoring the sales team,  performance management and reporting. 

CRM Strategy and Development 

Developing an effective CRM strategy for brands; review of current touch-points, data availability, GDPR compliance, key requirements and ideation for improvements. Recommendation and shortlist of CRM platform selection, customer experience improvements and performance measurement.

technology supplier review and recommendation (hospitality)

Choosing the right table management system, CRM platform, EPOS system, email Marketing platform, human resource planning and resource scheduling systems is tough. Every supplier will do their utmost to sell their platform as the ideal solution but if your systems don't integrate, or don't deliver the optimum customer experience then it will prove to be a costly error. 

Get it right first time, through clearly identifying requirements, supported by a strong strategic vision for your digital eco-system and measurable expectation of sales improvement/cost reduction. 

With many years experience within the sector, we have a unique 'poacher turned gamekeeper'  insight when managing the process on behalf of clients.  Through identifying the optimum solution, organising demonstrations and workshops, negotiating contracts, implementing platforms and tracking performance improvements we ensure maximum ROI for clients. 

Founder/Board Support

We provide an experienced sounding board for ideas on product, strategy, sales and performance. We can help fund raising presentation and acquisition targeting/assimilation.  Supporting founders and boards to achieve their strategic vision.