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Delivering long-term competitive advantage through digital is reliant upon the creation of a customer focused, agile eco-system. Combining data and resources to deliver outstanding customer experiences. Architecting, guiding and implementing this process is what we do. 


The Difference

We help craft digital ecosystems and their supporting teams. Guiding organisations towards agile customer centric solutions that deliver long term competitive advantage. 

How We Add Value

About Chris Johns

Our principal consultant, Chris Johns is a seasoned, sales-driven, digital software entrepreneur. Having run digital agencies for many years, built and exited a SaaS start-up and worked at Board-level at a leading international SaaS business. He is pragmatic,  sales and team oriented, operating as an instigator of positive change to achieve the vision of the board or founders.

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Thoughts and Insights

Complexity and disruptive innovation are commonplace as markets face rapid change. Incumbents face existential threats whilst new technologies open the competitive landscape to nimble entrepreneurs.  

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How We Work

Available for both short and long term assignments. Supporting founders and executive teams in realising their vision.


Chris is true-to-his-word; a pragmatic digital strategist, a veteran of multiple launches, projects and a SaaS entrepreneur with a successful exit under his belt. His enthusiasm, desire to succeed and good humour complement his judgement and natural leadership ability. If you're looking for someone to make a difference then look to Chris. 

— Simon Gaske, Customer Experience Director, Novus Leisure


The Difference is Experience

A wealth of experience, gathered from multiple web-application projects, new software launches, platform integrations, project turn-arounds and post acquisition team assimilation.