Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some answers to straightforward questions. If you want to discuss specific queries or opportunities then please use the contact form. 

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Is there a minimum billing period?

We operate in a similar manner to a law firm in charging our services on an per-hour basis. We provide an initial consultation free of charge but when we hit the billing phase we prefer to have a minimum allowance of 7 hours. 

do you provide discounts for bigger projects?

Yes. Dependant upon the nature of the project, the time required and agreed invoicing process. 

do you have satisfied clients? 

In short, yes. In the years prior to setting up The Difference, Chris Johns has worked with numerous organisations, from Transport for London to SquareMeal. Building digital platforms and eco-systems for budgets of all sizes. Winning numerous awards along the way for work that his team has delivered. If you'd like to speak to a prior client prior to formally engaging us, we can put you in touch, so you can chat informally about their experience. 

opensource or

We're language agnostic as a digital strategy should not be defined by a programming language. We have many years of working with Opensource technologies (PHP, PostgreSQL, Laravel), most recently Chris was an Executive Director of an international SaaS business built on We have also built layers between languages, enabling Opensource applications to integrate with 

what size businesses do you work with?

We're happy to work with start-ups through to large conglomerates, what interests us is organisational purpose, drive and enthusiasm to achieve its vision.

do you provide interim placements?

We are happy to consider interim placements.

what sectors do you play best in?

Hospitality (Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs, Hybrids) and Smart Cities are sectors where we have significant experience but we have also worked with major engineering groups, booksellers, accountancy bodies, private equity fund administrators and global insurance groups.

are you developers?

No. Chris Johns has run numerous technical, project and sales teams. Collaborating with stakeholders to ensure that resources fully understand the objectives and implementing agile methodologies to get fast results. 

where will you work?

We are based in London and happy to consider assignments across the UK and other English speaking jurisdictions internationally.

how many in your team?

Chris Johns is the principal consultant, working with our network of experienced contacts, covering a broad skill-set, we are able to build and deploy teams to meet  most requirements.

will you consider equity as fee payment?

Yes, we will consider a fee/equity mix  if we believe in the purpose of a start-up, the founding team and feel we can add significant value to the proposition.